Offer an erotic massage

A real moment of well-being, the erotic massage could well be the perfect preliminary.

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The sensual naturist massage

Sensual nude massage has many benefits that we recommend you check out.

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Body-body massage

The body to body massage in addition to the erotic massage promotes relaxation. The masseuse will slide along the massaged body with her chest, belly and legs.

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The benefits of massage

Take time for yourself, take a break, a down time, let go, relax... We all need it with the frantic life we lead in our hyper performing society. We know some benefits of massage.

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Why get a massage at home?

Whether you are used to massages or novice, there are many reasons to direct you to home massages. Home massage is provided at home, inside your apartment or at your hotel room.

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The right moment to get massed

Massage is known for its preventive and curative virtues. Add to that the feeling of good that it provides. But still it is necessary to meet all the necessary conditions for a good massage.

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Erotic massage

Erotic massage that should not be confused with tantric massage is a type of massage that is based on the concept of reciprocal nudity. Used to stimulate libido, erotic massage is now offered by institutes and salons around the world.

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How to make your own massage oil

Making your own massage oil, nothing could be simpler (and more economical)! Simply choose a good vegetable oil as a base, then add the essential oils of your choice based on the desired result.

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Relaxing massage: Procedure, benefits and indications

When you feel overwhelmed by stress or simply to indulge yourself, there's nothing like a relaxing massage. The massage will allow the body to relax, strengthen the immunity and act on the internal organs.

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21 things you need to know about how to give a tantric massage

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that uses energy and chakras (a center of energy in the body, according to Indian belief).

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Tantric yoga, getting to know oneself beyond sexuality

If you consider Tantric yoga as a kind of Kama Sutra, you are right, but not totally. Although this practice could include sexual experiences, it would still be reductive to limit it to this aspect alone.

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The term "massage" indicates a relaxing and well-being massage without any therapeutic or medical aim.


To ensure that your moment of relaxation is as good as possible, please respect the following instructions:

Mandatory shower before the service taking care to insist on your private parts, your hygiene will affect the quality of massage.

Make sure the room temperature is for the service.

Please make the payment before the service.

When I'm on the go, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a shower after the session and provide me with a clean towel.

I am a masseuse. Please do not touch my private parts. Otherwise, the service will end immediately. No report.

I reserve the right to refuse any patient whose intention and behavior are not in accordance with my philosophy.

Contact me: 06 61 22 14 29