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The right moment to get massed

Massage is known for its preventive and curative virtues. Add to that the feeling of good that it provides. But still it is necessary to meet all the necessary conditions for a good massage.

The right moment for a massage depends primarily on our body.

In this perspective, it is our body as a whole that must be arranged, even if it is a simple foot massage.

For those who practice physical activity, it is best to get a massage 20 or 30 minutes after exercise.

That said, before each massage session, it is always advisable to take a lukewarm shower. This has the advantage of preparing the skin to absorb cream or massage oil.

Warm water is also known to defend muscles, which will enhance the beneficial effects of massage.

For those who do not practice any sport, they have rather an unlimited time slot. The important thing is to find a fairly wide niche. Indeed, for a complete and effective massage. It takes between 1 hour and 1:30. Of course, many institutes offer massages of 30 to 40 minutes, but the effects will not be the same.

Therefore, to avoid precipitation, it is best to get a massage at the end of the day, after work.

Nor is it forbidden to do it in the evening before going to bed. Sleep will be more peaceful, just like waking.

Why choose the right moment for a massage?

First as mentioned, a full massage session lasts at least 1 hour.

So you have to have time to fully enjoy it. Otherwise, the masseur and the massed will engage in hasty sessions that will have only reduced results.

Relaxation also participates in the results, in other words, people in a hurry will feel only limited effects, otherwise none.

You have to choose a moment of your day where you are most willing to let go to live a real moment of well-being.

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The term "massage" indicates a relaxing and well-being massage without any therapeutic or medical aim.


To ensure that your moment of relaxation is as good as possible, please respect the following instructions:

Mandatory shower before the service taking care to insist on your private parts, your hygiene will affect the quality of massage.

Make sure the room temperature is for the service.

Please make the payment before the service.

When I'm on the go, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a shower after the session and provide me with a clean towel.

I am a masseuse. Please do not touch my private parts. Otherwise, the service will end immediately. No report.

I reserve the right to refuse any patient whose intention and behavior are not in accordance with my philosophy.

Contact me: 06 61 22 14 29