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Offer an erotic massage

A real moment of well-being, the erotic massage could well be the perfect preliminary. But don't panic, you don't need to pass your physio degree. The erotic massage is practiced with tact, of course, but it is above all a particularly unique moment of intimacy which is prepared very simply.

The atmosphere

First of all, we prepare the context. Dim lighting, scented candles, occasional music, no external pollution (such as mobile phones). Choose the warmth and comfort of the bed with a few towels to avoid staining your sheets with massage oil.

The technique

To each his own technique according to the sensations of the other. Once again, the goal is not to become a massage expert but to relax your partner.

To do this, we generally start with a certain gentleness, combining caresses and ample movements over the whole body. This is called effleurage.

The fingers then run through the most muscular areas, forcing the thumbs to relax the contracture areas.

You can also knead the skin and pinch it with the palms of the hands at the level of the vertebrae. It is the kneading technique that eliminates stress and anxiety.

Alternate soft gestures and stronger gestures. Remember to touch your partner's penis from time to time, but very lightly at first. Guaranteed effect.

Do not neglect any part of the body

Face, neck, shoulders, hands, back, buttocks, thighs, legs and feet... Everything has to go. If you have the courage, of course, for a full massage, or if you are not in too much of a hurry to get down to business. But nothing beats total muscle relaxation. Use your whole body to support yourself and alternate with a few kisses. You may well satisfy your partner.

The erogenous zones

When you feel your guinea pig completely relaxed, move on to the most sensitive areas to increase the desire. On the back, think of deviating towards the top of the thighs and the buttocks. On the stomach, the breasts will be your best asset, whether in women or in men, the chest is a very sensitive erogenous zone. And of course, do not hesitate to end the massage by deviating towards the pelvic area. To sum up, an erotic massage begins and ends with caresses.

You are ready to offer an erotic massage to your partner!

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The term "massage" indicates a relaxing and well-being massage without any therapeutic or medical aim.


To ensure that your moment of relaxation is as good as possible, please respect the following instructions:

Mandatory shower before the service taking care to insist on your private parts, your hygiene will affect the quality of massage.

Make sure the room temperature is for the service.

Please make the payment before the service.

When I'm on the go, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a shower after the session and provide me with a clean towel.

I am a masseuse. Please do not touch my private parts. Otherwise, the service will end immediately. No report.

I reserve the right to refuse any patient whose intention and behavior are not in accordance with my philosophy.

Contact me: 06 61 22 14 29