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How to make your own massage oil

Making your own massage oil, nothing could be simpler (and more economical)! Simply choose a good vegetable oil as a base, then add the essential oils of your choice based on the desired result. How to make your homemade massage oils.

A good massage oil is first, at the base, a good vegetable oil. For homemade beauty treatments, the ideal is to choose a quality vegetable oil, first cold pressure, virgin, and if possible organic. Then, it'sup to you to choose the beauty oil that you like the most: olive oil, sesame, coconut, grape seeds, macadamia... Each has specific properties: sweet almond oil is soothing, wheat germ oil is anti-ageing, argan oil is restorative...

Sensual massage oil: the recipe

To spice up your evenings, you can also prepare this voluptuous massage oil, to be used as a couple. Mix 3 tablespoons of the vegetable oil of your choice (grape seeds, sweet almond...) with 8 drops of neroli essential oil and 4 drops of lavender essential oil. It's a delight.

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The term "massage" indicates a relaxing and well-being massage without any therapeutic or medical aim.


To ensure that your moment of relaxation is as good as possible, please respect the following instructions:

We invite you to take a shower before the arrival of your masseuse taking care to insist on your private parts, your hygiene will affect the quality of massage.

Make sure the temperature of the room for the naturist massage.

Adjust your benefit before the massage.

We thank you for offering the possibility to your masseuse to take a shower after the session and provide him with a clean towel.

Masseuses retain the right to refuse any patient whose intention and behavior are not in keeping with our philosophy. Your masseuse is your guest, treat her as she is.

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