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Erotic massage

Erotic massage that should not be confused with tantric massage is a type of massage that is based on the concept of reciprocal nudity. Used to stimulate libido, erotic massage is now offered by institutes and salons around the world. This purely erotic and sensual technique contributes to the well-being of both body and mind.

Erotic massage, what is it?

Erotic massage is a massage technique used for erotic purposes. It aims to stimulate all your senses, increase your sensitivity and relax all your muscles. Indeed, the erotic massage session is as follows: the recipient of the massage and the masseuse are both naked and this is also the true purpose of the concept. This creates a climate of equality between the two individuals and the atmosphere is much more relaxed so that the massage is even more effective.

In addition, another aspect of the concept that should not be overlooked is the atmosphere in which the massage takes place. It is essential for the session to take place although the environment is healthy, calm and above all very soothing. It is important that the client or the person being massaged is completely relaxed and loose during the massage so that the moment is even more memorable and divine.

Always so that you feel good about yourself, massages are made with natural oils that will be applied throughout your body by expert hands, soft and skillful. Thanks to slow massage movements combined with caresses, you will learn how to control your sexual desire by mastering your excitement. By the end of the session, all your senses will be awake and you will feel your sexual arousal increase.

In this case, the massage, for more efficiency, must be practiced in a deep respect of the other without sexual interest.

The benefits of erotic massage

Erotic massage is ideal for those who live in a stressful and stressful environment. Indeed, this type of massage gives vitality and energy, eliminating all the toxins that poison your body. Thanks to slowly and rhythmically applied gestures on your body, it relieves you of all tensions and frees you from your stress at the same time.

Otherwise, physiologically, this technique promotes the improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, makes your skin much softer then relaxes all your joints.

On the other hand, erotic massage also acts on the mind. It is one with the body, this type of massage allows you to get a double relaxation for an experience filled with emotions.

From a sexual point of view, the objective of the method is not to quickly evacuate your sexual desire, but rather to learn to control it through smooth and harmonious caresses gently applied close to your genitals. This technique resolves the problems of premature ejaculation in some men and allows some women to go successively in the discovery of multiple orgasms.

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The term "massage" indicates a relaxing and well-being massage without any therapeutic or medical aim.


To ensure that your moment of relaxation is as good as possible, please respect the following instructions:

We invite you to take a shower before the arrival of your masseuse taking care to insist on your private parts, your hygiene will affect the quality of massage.

Make sure the temperature of the room for the naturist massage.

Adjust your benefit before the massage.

We thank you for offering the possibility to your masseuse to take a shower after the session and provide him with a clean towel.

Masseuses retain the right to refuse any patient whose intention and behavior are not in keeping with our philosophy. Your masseuse is your guest, treat her as she is.

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